Thursday, December 14, 2006

Triumphs breeding?

A lot seems to happen on my daily walks to and from work.

Last night I got to witness a midly exciting car crash ... if I hadn't been behind an armco I might have been caught up in it. One of the drivers did a runner, so I did the good thing and got the registration number and hung around as a witness. It turned out the number was clearly not for that car, so the Police headed straight for the guys house! CSI Hobart?

This morning was somewhat less exciting - a TR7 nearly ran me over (not true it just passed me as I crossed the road). Immaculate it was. Anyway I've seen so many Triumphs around in the last few weeks I managed to photograph some, so I will show them to you - there's no other reason to take photos of them I guess:

This one looks like BOB but actually had LPG (and a massive dent)

Nice Mk1 ... a bit rough, but reminded me of the worksalike before its white paint
Mk1 2000

Here's the Mk1 GT6 Ella found in someone's garden ... I might be allowed to make an offer once we've got a house sorted
My next GT6?

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