Friday, November 16, 2007

Humungous Pinnacle!

Well nobody else seems to be making much sense in the CT blogosphere at the moment, so I thought I'd mention that I have a rather different challenge coming up at the weekend.

I've decided to enter the Point to Pinnacle half marathon... why? I'm not sure. But seeing as it starts very near my house, I thought I'd give it a bash. The organiser's recommend a year of training, I only found out about it two weeks ago.

Very Club Triumph, eh? Perhaps I should stay up all night glueing my running shoes together, and use gaffer tape for laces?

So, on Sunday morning I'll be setting off from sea level at Wrest Point Casino, and running (hopefully all of it ... but we'll see) 21.4km (13.3 miles) to the Pinnacle at the top of Mt Wellington at (cough) 1,273m (4,176 feet).

With any luck it will be bad weather and they'll stop us from going to the top! Here's my Google Earth mock-up of the course:

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