Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Aladdin's Cave

Well the commercial bloggers are really hotting up now ... so I've decided I should type in a nice soothing blue colour and stick to less controversial issues, and avoid links, 'cos I never have the time to follow them anyway.

I met a really interesting person last weekend, someone I’ve wanted to meet for a while – the chap who has a front yard literally littered with Triumphs. His name’s Russell, and he’s clearly got a collection. He has an aim in life to keep as many Triumphs on the road as possible. I recently counted seven saloons and one Dolomite on his drive, but he’s been cutting back and when I went to see him on Saturday there were only three saloons, a bodyshell and a dolly.

I was interested at having a look at his fireball red ‘S’ because it looks so much like BOB. It’s had some subtle modifications including the rear end colour matching, etc. Looking under the bonnet really put me to shame, though!
BOB's brother gleaming
The wheels have been "Chattertoned" too:

One of the other cars looks like a standard 'S', albeit in the unusual Guinea Gold paintwork ... lurking underneath the bonnet is a professionally fitted 1977 4.2 Holden V8. It's not running at the mo. but I was assured it goes like the clappers. Incidentally it's for sale for a little under $2,000. Contact me if you're interested and I'll pass details on.


It has some neat little touches like a 4.2 grille:

And a filler neck protector (well worth having IMHO):

Russell probably has enough parts in his double garage, two containers and yard to put together several more saloons, but the only other one there that day, with an engine in it at least, was the Bamboo saloon, with Pi engine but CD175 Carbs. This has had the suspension worked apparently:

Russell sold me a set of Pi back seats for BOB for a very reasonable price. So on Sunday I fitted them... you can see why I got rid of the old ones! Check the sun damage, the grey is where the black has bleached or deteriorated - it's not dust!

And the new ones:

Sweet, now the interior's looking much better.

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