Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chrome blind in the sunshine

It was a lovely sunny day today, perfect weather for a Triumph concours - if you like that sort of thing. I always get a bit bored looking at shiny cars, most of which never get dirty or red-lined, but I'd originally hoped to meet up with a CT forum member called Glen (or Cowman on the forum). However, he was called to Country Fire Authority duty fighting fires just north of Melbourne. I hope that's all going well for him.

So I went along anyway, even washing BOB first - that's twice this year already!

Unsurprisingly there were lots of shiny TRs and Stags, plus a Vitesse, 12/50 Herald a few Sptifires and GT6. There was a line up of competition cars, too:

Melbourne Triumph Day 2009 006

I didn't hang around for the concours announcements but the car of the show IMHO was this TR Italia - nice:

Melbourne Triumph Day 2009 001

There were quite a few saloons around, including an LPG with L plates, and this purple one! (not a big fan of colour-coding myself).

Melbourne Triumph Day 2009 002

There was only one Mk1 that I noticed. It was white, like so many others, but had a rather unusual take on EFI under the hood...

Melbourne Triumph Day 2009 003

Melbourne Triumph Day 2009 004

After half an hour or so I was getting chrome blindness as usual and ready to head home. Then I met a fella called Fraser who was sheltering from the sun next to his standard tune Mk2 TC that he runs at hillclimbs all over the state.
Melbourne Triumph Day 2009 005

Before I knew it we'd been waffling away for over an hour about all things Triumph and I was getting increasingly keen on the idea of a bit of hillclimbing/sprint action. I know I've been saying this for a while, but I've been put off by the assumption i'd need to cross and dot all kinds of scrutineering Ts and Is ... but Fraser's experience seems to have been quite simple: a licence, a helmet, a fire extinguisher (already in place anyway) and I'm certified to go and risk my own life as much as I like in time trial based tomfoolery... whyever not?

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