Saturday, August 20, 2011

Smooth running

Spent a little bit of time getting BOB running nicely.

When driving down from Bundaberg (4 hour trip) things didn't seem 100%. Stalled a couple of times.

Turned out this was probably just the remnants of the 2-year old fuel.

Nevertheless i ordered all new ignition parts and some iridium plugs on 25% discount.

Plugs went in first with new cap and rotor arm. Not a huge difference to be seen.

Couple of weeks later changed points and condensor. Suddenly a lot of the lumpiness at idle smoothed out and there was a noticeable power increase. Dwell angle still spot on, but I think the old points were never alligned perfectly.

I'm getting another mile per gallon and have a new improved top speed. Bonus!

Got the wheel alignment sorted by the local tyre guy, too. He worked wonders and the car's handling much better now.

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