Saturday, March 19, 2005


Changes afoot it turns out.

I got a phonecall a couple of days ago that has meant the Triumph search is going to be put on hold. Ella's father is looking for a new car and he has been dissapointed with the part exchange offers that have been made for his old one. He really likes the car and doesn't want to get rid of it for peanuts. He asked me if we wanted it for free, and I couldn't really say no. When he gets round to ordering his new car we'll get his old one. It's a very well kept 1998 Saab 9000 2.3t, which, although it's no Triumph, is certainly adequate!

However, it doesn't mean the end to all things Triumph. I've decided that rather than chase after a saloon when we'll have the Saab, the money might be 'better' spent shipping my GT6 over. I've yet to see one here for sale, but I've been told that they are fairly rare, so it would be extra fun. I'm not going to rush to bring it over. I'll leave it a few months until I've decided if I want to stay in Australia long-term.

Meanwhile we'll have to stick to the Brumby (which I found out yesterday means 'Wild Horse' ... I'll put some pictures up of it soon, as I bought a digital camera a couple of days ago.
I'll keep this blog going, though, as a record of the stuff I get up to out here, but it will become more a log of weekend trips and Triumph-spotting than a record of my involvement with Triumphs.

Ok. Does anybody know anything about shipping cars to Australia?
Answers on an e-mail please to

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