Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Why hello there

Please, come in, take a seat.
This is my first blog entry, can't you see how proud I am? It might take me a while to accustom myself, but hang on in there.

You will notice something not particularly interesting about this site; no pictures. Sorry about that. Pretty useless, I know, but it may get remedied one day ... just like that rear crankshaft seal on the GT6, so don't hold your breath!

So far not a great deal to report.
I'm in Brisbane, which is as you might expect somewhat warmer than a Berkshire winter - 27 Celsius today. Everything is quite lovely - the girl, the apartment, the city.
One problem - a distinct lack of a Triumph. I went an entire fortnight without driving one when I was in Thailand a month ago, and I'm expecting it may be a little longer this time.
I'm going to look at one this afternoon, though. Ella (my lady friend) is particularly excited about it, which is excellent! A mk2 2.5 Pi is this afternoon's investigation - superlite's, KYBs all round, lots of nice stuff, and to ruin the whole thing, an autobox. Not good. Still we'll have a little look, as it is only up the road, and I'll report back. Hell it gives me something to write about.

Ok, that's my lot - time for some lunch.

Oh, and McJim, at least I still OWN A TRIUMPH!!!

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