Sunday, April 03, 2005

What goes on 'Outback'

Not much Triumphy going on at the moment ... but had some 'interesting' driving experiences last weekend regardless.

Ella's Mum lent us her nutter turbo Forrester to drive out of Brisbane to meet the family for a picnic. We needed a four-seater to get Ella's sisters to the rendezvous and her mum took the Brumby. Great, I thought, on the big open roads we can get a bit more speed up, and overtaking will be a doddle. And it was, even with slushbox it is fun when kickdown operates and the whole car bucks and just takes off, accompanied by a whine from the turbo that sounds like a police siren. Ahem, unfortunately eventually it actually was the siren and not the turbo. Despite repeated warnings from all and sundry about the revenue collection attitude of the Maryborough police, Greeksy knew best didn't he? Erm, no, he didn't, and as we rounded a gentle curve doing a trifling 117 kmph (according to the constabularies' equipment) the 50s were coming the other way. "Whoops!" I said in a 2-pack metallic colourful tone. The most annoying thing about it was that after I'd been booked by one of the rozzers the Ella recognised that the other one was a guy she'd been at Uni. with, and when he realised he said it was too late to let us off as the ticket was being written. Oh well, I guess it was about time. Doesn't half make driving a powerful car boring though!

When we met up with the rest of Ella's family, her Dad was on BMW motorbike and Mum and Uncle were in the Brumby ready for a bit of 4x4 action into the 'Bush'. a good 10km of 2nd gear creek crossing commenced ... and for some reason I was allowed to drive the Forrester, dinging the bumper on a big rock only once. Ella and I camped in the woods for a couple of nights doing some bush walking, climbing and swimming in a fantastic waterhole, and experiencing 50p sized hailstones in a mad storm, before driving back out, this time in the Brumby. Witness the mighty Brumby below as it crosses another dried up creek! There were a lot of loose rocks around and it was a good thing the diff. has a cage. It was rougher than the Targa Rusticana! I don't think even a TR7 would have had much joy on this one, not so much because we needed the 4wd but because in places the ground clearance was virtually zero.
Off-road Brumby


Jason said...

Nice pick-up truck Greeks - Surrey Top my arse, you could get most of SUrrey County in the back of that! Good to see you're enjoying yourself and have made friends with the local coppers - time to paint the car matt black and get some stealth technology installed?

Graham Reeks said...

Please Jason, I really don't wish to 'Surrey Top' your arse!

Now if I had your Vitesse over here, that would confuse the hell out of the coppers, they wouldn't know what to do, and more than likely couldn't keep up anyway.