Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A little announcement:

I'm engaged ... yes, to be married!
Wonderful stuff! We're both a bit unsure how to do these things, having never been married to each other before, let alone anybody else. But to keep things Triumph related, as you probably aren't interested in hearing about my dress, it means that the GT6 will have to be shipped over here to try out life down under! Marvellous pies!

Chartering unknown territories seems to be the flavour of the day, doesn't it? Never been married before, never shipped a car half way 'round the world before, neither.

Anyone with expert knowledge of the cheapest and best ways of doing this kind of thing (the car not the marriage, please!) drop me a line or whatever.


James Carruthers said...

Congratulations on the engagement dude!

Jason said...

Well done mate, congrats and all that. Will a GT6 be hot enough for you in Oz?? Better get looking for aircon mate :-)

Graham Reeks said...

Cheers, fellas!

Good point on the GT6, tho' Jason. It will be odd going from using the car in an English summer to using it in an Aussie winter instead, but that's what will happen!
They all enlarge the water-pump housing here I think to help cooling, and I'll grab a fan I guess, if there are any problems, but we'll figure something out ... I hope!