Friday, May 20, 2005

About time!

It's over a month since I posted on here! I've been working hard, what more can I say?

Much time has been taken up with wedding planning (how exciting!), but there has been some fun driving. Most notable was the weekend trip up the Sunshine Coast. The "in-laws-to-be" won a weekend at a beachside apartment, and Ella and I joined them.

We met up on the Saturday. Ella's Mum came down in the mad Subaru, we took the Brumby and Ella's Dad came on his motorbike. He has one of these BMW semi off-road type bikes and loves going on the tracks, so he turned up caked head-to-toe in dirt. I must say it looks like fun!

On the Sunday we went Bush-walking. I figured it would be a short drive up the coast, park up and go for a decent walk. Instead we took both cars a good hour and a half of fast back-roads and excellent dirt roads (it had been raining decently!), then we parked the Brumby at the end of the walk and shot off in the Forrester for another half an hour up more dirt roads. Then we walked to Wandi Waterhole (great Aussie name) where we ate lunch, swam and discussed whether it was a Billabong or not (!). Check it out below!
Wandi Waterhole 010505

At the end of the walk, I drove Ella's Dad back to collect the Forrester, then followed him back, which was the highlight of the day! We were blasting down these great dirt roads with both diffs working overtime and going about twice the speed of the few Landcruisers that were around. Penance was paid the next morning though, as we had to fit new gaskets on the downpipes on the Brumby having bashed them out on the rocks!

Otherwise, I'm still investigating the idea of shipping the GT6 over ... there's some serious paperwork to do if I go ahead.

I've spotted some more Triumphs, too, but never whilst the camera is handy.
1 Herald (with Vitesse bonnet as is the Aussie way) on the highway.
1 Spitfire (with the corporate back ... is that a 1500?) whilst I was playing football!
1 Dolomite Sprint (right outside work!)
The occasional big six.

I've also seen an interesting looking Rover 3500 twice in Brisbane, it looked to have a different wheel-arch styling to the UK version, which gave it a more sporty appeal.

There seem to be plenty of old Jags around, too. I've seen a very nice white Mk2 twice near work.

Anyway ... I will be back as and when I have any news!

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