Thursday, June 02, 2005

Brumby no more ...

Last week I took a trip to Gregg Tunstall Mechanics in Cleveland, near Brisbane. He specialises in Triumphs, and is a very useful source of information on Triumphs 'down under'. I saw a Mk1 PI, Mk2 2.7 PI, Mk2 2500 'S' (in fact one that I looked at buying a little while back ... see the 'Mellow Yellow' entry below), a TR4a, Spitfire mk3 and some others. At a staggering Gingellesque height I'm not sure how Gregg fits in anything but a 'sedan', though.

Whilst on my way to Cleveland I saw a Mk2 in green sitting in traffic.

Last weekend Ella and I went up to Bundaberg to her folks' place. We did a car swap ... the '91 Brumby for the '97 Saab. Wow! What a difference the extra gear, and a 2.3 turbo makes to the 5 hour drive back to Brisbane!

I looked in at the local breakers yard whilst we were in 'Bundy' too. They let you wander around and take parts yourself, like they should. I asked if they had any Triumphs and the guy at the desk recognised the GT6 on my t-shirt (courtesy of James Carruthers (photoshop) 'design studio'!) He pointed me in the direction of a 2500 TC that was in pretty good nick actually. To see a car that has been left to the elements like that be so relatively clean is great. Dissy was missing, as were most of the sills, but all in all if I had the space and the time and it had a manual 'box I'd have had it. The carbs, manifold, etc, were all in good shape as far as I could tell.

First drive out in the Saab whilst still in Bundaberg and what pulls up behind us but an old couple in a brown 2500 ... clearly the original owners.

Ahhh, Triumphs, Triumphs everywhere, but not a GT6 to drive!

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Jason said...

I thought you'd gone completely native and had forgotten us. Saabs are fun, having had a few myself as everyday cars - they don't tend to go wrong but if they do - watch out for teh bill :-)