Friday, July 29, 2005

... and in with the new!

Well about time too.
Finally, at last, with the news of the GT6's impending sale Ella and i have made a sneaky purchase, swiping a new Big Red/Orangey Bus. It's a 2500 S with Manual o/d of course. On the test drive it proved to have plenty of poke and good level suspension (the new KYB shockers help i think). Plus it was half the price of the others I've looked at.

The footwells were mint, carpets in great shape, no sign of rotting sills, oil leaks, and apart from a couple of minor scuffs on the paintwork great bodywork. Everything seemed to work fine inside, o/d was spot on, electric fan was working fine, there were new front tyres, and so on.

The seller is moving to NZ (note the SOLD sign on the house in the background) and seemed in a hurry to get rid of it, and at the price I paid it won't even matter too much if there are any little problems I haven't spotted yet.

We're going to pick it up on Sunday.

Anyway, here she is, and yes the door and boot lid are open rather than out of shape!!!

The Big Red Bus No.2

... From the rear

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James Carruthers said...

Reeksy - looks like you've been Tango'ed...

Nice one...