Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What to do?

Ok, so we bought a Big Six ... and now I've had time to get a decent look at it and decide what bits and bobs need doing.

We took a trip down to the Gold Coast (about 60 miles south of Brisbane) last Sunday to get an idea of how she's running. As I would have expected of a saloon she was great on the motorway, in fact the fastest on it ... does the speedo read a bit under I wonder? There is a bit of vibration coming from the rear end, unfortunately, but I'd already known that some work was needed there anyway. She was thirstier than I would have liked, too. Otherwise it was a good trip out.

Shooting from the hip right now, here's a few things that it would be nice to do, money and time permitting. No particular order, although there's a few essentials necessary before a trip of any length:

Front brakes - a bit of vibration that could be caused by warped front discs. Plenty of meat on them so they might just need a skim?
Tune-up - get out the timing light/balance the carbs, etc.
Driveshafts - attempt a Datsun conversion, seeing as work is needed at the back.
Diff. - possibly a second hand unit required to swap.
Scrap the anti-emissions stuff? - Aussie set-up has all sorts of extra pipes and an empty canister that doesn't appear to be doing anything (I think it's supposed to have charcoal in?).
Electronic ignition - one less thing to worry about, and worth the money.
Suspension - possibly get some tasty front springs made up, superflex bushes to replace where they aren't already (I noticed the anti-roll bar already has some).
Spin-off filter conversion - the current cannister set-up is a relative pain.
Lots of little bitsy jobs, like alligning the boot latch, flushing the water system out, etc.

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