Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Verdict

We've had a little time with BOB now. I've spent the last few weeks gradually checking him out. No major work needed so it's just been a case of servicing: checking UJs, changing oil, greasing splines, setting tappets, etc. The only issue really is the diff. which is a little noisy. The kms are clocking up though. Regular trips to my place of work and little trips out at the weekend, plus an 800 km round trip to the in-laws have added up and we've done 1600 km since the purchase already ... as it should be.

This pic's of a trip out to Brisbane port ... where I found a good long un patrolled straight where I was able to 'open her up' a little:


Brissy Port

The trip up to Bundaberg last weekend went well, taking the highway up we got 28 mpg. The speedo is spot on according the rev counter by the way, which is a first in a Triumph for me! It was more fun coming back down the dirt tracks on the way home. The car's semi-polybushed at the moment, but has new KYB shocks all round. A fairly harsh ride on the dirt, but still ok for 90 kmph on a bumpy surface. We did nearly collide with a Kangaroo around one corner however ... not very pleasant.

Most of the weekend was spent tinkering with the car. My father-in-law is a big fan, and really enjoyed giving the car a good look over, and a drive (he has fond memories of his father-in-laws' 2500). There was time to go out and find another one to buy, too. In the scrapyard around the corner from the in-laws I'd already seen a 1975 2500 TC a while back. We went back to get a window winder, and some little bits, and checked it out in more detail. Although the dissy has gone, along with the wheels and the steering rack (and the sills!), most of the car is intact, including a mint radiator, twin electric fans, and so on.
It's incredible how good condition the car is in, considering the fact it's sitting in a scrapyard, but that's the difference between sun damage and water damage I suppose.

She ain'tgoing nowhere!

The dealer accepted a very low offer, so it's going to be kept at the in-laws shed as a spares car. It looks to have fairly low mileage, so hopefully the diff. will be in good shape. The engine will be developed over time ... mmmm.

OK, we're off to a British Car Show in BOB in half an hour ... I'll try and get some pictures up

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