Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Progress, power and politics ...

Phase 2 is finally completed.

A trip up to Greg Tunstall's on Monday saw things progress a little further.
Here's Greg's workshop from the outside ... with BOB sticking its backside out of the door:


You can see some nice cars outside, especially the white Frogeye ... it looked immaculate. The Standard 10 is there presumably as a donor for the restoration that is underway inside. There was also a TR5 knocking around for some work there.

Out the front on the road were some other little beasties awaiting attention:

GTM line-up

Back to BOB ...
The Carb's were removed, as was the entire anti-emissions kit (which was probably causing more pollution than the standard set-up by the looks of it). Greg's place has done a lot of these "operations" so he knows what holes to plug up, etc. Replacement carb's a la with suitable and somewhat richer needles are in now and the linkage and balancing has been set up beautifully. It's good to watch someone at work with all the appropriately 'adjusted' spanners and original SU tools.

Whilst I was there I had a Healey works gearknob fitted (it needed drilling and tapping to fit) ... no more broken plastic overdrive gearknob caps!!! I must say that I prefer the look of the original, but it should last longer. Why doesn't someone produce a metal version of the original I wonder?

The guy who did much of the work proved interesting. Andrew Avis owns a few saloons including Pi Mk2 that has been supercharged ... and is currently awaiting a replacement gearbox (I wonder why?) It struck me that it doesn't matter where you are in the world, there are Triumph owners who want to make fun modifications to their cars: Andrew is no exception, and he isn't excepted from the trend of having more fun modification ideas than can fit into a lifetime! ... ring any bells?

Here's the before and afters:

Before rhs Post-op rhs

Before lhs Post-op lhs

First impressions of the changes are WOW! and PHEW!
WOW because I maybe hadn't expected such a change, and PHEW because it's a relief to have the power to complement the great ride quality at last!

My plans for BOB seem meagre in comparison, yet the list seems long enough (read costly):
oil pressure guage to replace clock
15 inch wheels (the road surfaces in the wet are appalling and demand more traction)
Maplight for navigator (Ella!)
Witor "sound system"
Datsun back-end (and diff. rebuild?)

... oh, I could go on forever here, and I still haven't got to the juicy engine stuff!

I'd like to stay out of politics and car clubs and all that ... but the venerable Mr Chinn has been subject to some strange goings-on in the world of Triumph clubs, so I thought I better direct attention to his blog (and a jolly good one it is ... I think he is intentionally trying to show the rest of us up with his 'regularity' - are Internet prunes available?)

The power of online communities ... the TSSC beware!

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