Friday, April 21, 2006

Some driving at last!

For the Easter weekend we drove a few hours south of Brisbane to meet up with family and spend a few days in the hills in a nice little rented house. It had the first outdoor bath I've ever seen! BOB was loaded up with 4 people and a boat load of their stuff and seemed to cope fine, other than the 22mpg, and still managed to overtake the long lines of overladen 4wds heading south for Easter too.

On the way there the odometer finally turned over:
Speedo 0000

Shame you don't automatically get a new engine when that happens.

Visiting Giraween National Park meant the chance to drive around on very bumpy but great fun (for me anyway) dirt roads - this road sign made me worry that we were entering League of Gentleman territory!
Narrow road

Unfortunately, the weekend has revealed some extra jobs that definitely need doing. The exhaust is now blowing where a previous owner patched it up. I'd love to put a Chris Witor exhaust on, but the cost (plus the freight) totally prohibits that at the moment. Instead I'm going to get a quote from a custom exhaust maker, and see if he can replicate it. The other thing urgently needed is a correct speedo. The odo. reads about 3% low by my calculations but the speed is reading a far way under which is a bit more of a worry given the Aussie Police and their wily hedge-hiding speed camera antics. First attempt will be to transplant from the spares car up in Bundaberg, if that's no good we'll go for the rebuild option.

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