Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Triumph Fraternity

There have been some little trips round and about since Easter, but nothing too significant.

The West of Brisbane is one HUGE forest reserve which Ella and I do a fair amount of walking in. The bonus is that the access road is Mount Nebo road - one of the best roads in the area. The approach is marked with a "bendy roads for the next 33km" sign! On any given weekend there are lots of cars and bikes there, but sometimes you get a stretch to yourself and can 'enjoy' it ;-)

The other week we were coming back to Brisbane and as we came squealing around a corner we saw a couple of blokes scratching their heads and looking down into the forest ... presumably trying to figure out how they were going to get their motorbike back up to the road!

No actual action on the car as such, but some progress nonetheless. I finally cleaned all the accumulated dust and dirt from the Easter trip - it actually caked the floor where I washed the car and there are tyre tracks in the silt now! I've done some spline greasing on the drive shafts and other bitty things. Now there's a bit more point to driving, seeing as the carb's are good, it's hard to keep the revs down and the needle keeps bouncing up around the 5k mark.

I investigated the blowing exhaust and found that it was blowing at a seam where it had been hastily patched up. I took it to get fixed and the guy who welded the hole up reckoned it was paper thin. I decided to look at getting a custom one built up (rather than get a mortgage out for a Chris Witor system and postage)and asked some advice on my second home ... the Club Triumph forum . It's a superb resource, with loads of friendly, rather Triumph-mad people from all over the world ready to lend a word of advice ... or 'support'. Anyway, Andy Thompson, a self-confessed Triumphaholic from Western Australia, stepped up and offered me his old racing Mk2's exhaust system! Superb - thanks Andy.

I've yet to see it, but it's apparently a bit rough around the edges (who cares it's costing peanuts compared to a new one!). Can't wait to get it on the car. Then the plan is to drive over to Western Australia (a few thousand miles) at some point to celebrate!

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