Monday, May 29, 2006

Don't break your brakes!

Since getting the exhaust sorted it's been a lot more fun driving Tango-BOB. Fortunately Ella is pleased with the noise. I walk to work every day so there's not that much of a need to drive - it's mainly trips to the shops, football training, etc. So recently I've made excuses to take little trips up the nearby "mountains" whenever possible.

I haven't really gone anywhere with any 'serious' issues. I had a bit of concern about a noise coming from the rear end of the car ... have you ever lost a socket after re-greasing splines? Well it seems leaving it inside the brake drum doesn't cause damage as such! Possibly as a result the ratchet on the brake's self-adjusting mechanism was all over the shop, so I've done a little straightening out and now have the best operating rear brakes and handbrake since purchasing the car. Brisbane's hilly and it's nice to stay still when sitting at traffic lights!

Next up is a trip up to Bundaberg to strip down the spares car and box up the parts I want to keep - it's time to take it off the in-laws hands. Then I'll need to arrange getting rid of all the bits that I don't want. It sounds awful, but the bodywork is next to useless and too big to store so it will probably go back to the scrapyard ... unless someone shows some interest. A lot of other things will need to go on ebay I suppose...

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