Monday, May 08, 2006

Brmm brmmm!

BOB is getting better and better as time goes on. Now it even sounds good!

Saturday morning saw me out to the exhaust place with the intention of getting the Chris Witor system fitted and a downpipe made up and fitted too. Having booked in with the workshop with this intention I assumed it wouldn't be a problem ...

It turned out there was a broken stud on the manifold to downpipe join. I'd noticed this previously but naively assumed it would be easy for a professional custom exhaust specialists to drill out ... If only. It seems that they use a special person to do this and he doesn't work on Saturdays, so instead they just bolted the Witor sections that Andy provided on to the dodgy downpipe that i'd wanted changing in the first place. The downpipe can wait. To give them their dues, the system has been fitted nice and high so plenty of ground clearance.

Not as loud as I remember the Big Red Bus sounding, although I haven't got the manifold and engine mod's of course. Still, when wound up it sounds very good ... so it's tricky to not drive around in high gears all the time like a boy-racer (or Bevan as they call them here). Mr Bancroft knows what I mean ;-)
Although the manifold hasn't been changed, it certainly seems more responsive - removing two out of three constrictions makes a definite difference.

Next up:
Investigate the ticking noise - occurs on right-hand bends ... UJ on the Left-hand driveshaft?
Brakes - fit some stainless braided hoses and reconditioned calipers with Green Stuff pads (from the spares car).
Get the speedo sorted.

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