Friday, June 16, 2006


... spares from the spares car that is!

The time has come to free up some space in the in-laws shed, so we took advantage of the long weekend (to celebrate the Queen's birthday - yes bizarrely enough we do that every year in Australia!) and went up to Bundaberg to set about dismantling. We were both happy to get out of the city, and to give BOB a decent drive, as it's been a while.

I checked the car out the night before we set off ... basic stuff just in case, and annoyingly found there was a leak on the exhaust where the fitters had used an old rusty clamp to connect the back box to the rest of the system - now that is cheap!!!! I also couldn't check the gearbox oil because my cheapo ratchet packed up (there's a 5/8 nut welded onto the level plug, and it's a pain to try and get a spanner on). This reminded me I ought to get my decent tools shipped over from England.

It rained all the way up to Bundy, which is actually a good thing, as it had been at least 6 weeks since there had been a drop of rain round here! The rain on the dirt roads made for fun ... going some way to colour code our wheels and bumpers with the rest of the car:

Colour-coding Bob

Problem is the rear light cluster let a fair amount of water into the boot ... grrrrr!(now all sealed up)
Drivers side rear carpet got a soaking, too ... haven't looked for the leak yet.

It took a fair bit of time pulling the dash, gauges, and various "might be useful/eBay-able" bits off the car, I was annoyed to find out the brake discs have little life left on them, but there are good driveshafts, calipers, etc, etc.

My father-in-law was a great help, using the forklift to pull the engine and autobox (late BW35) out:

Engine and auto box out

He's suggested that we might make some panel moulds before we get rid of the bodyshell - he used to own a composite plastics business so knows how to do these things. Wise Triumph people have intimated to me that it's only worth doing bonnet and boot ... we'll see if there's time.

The drive home on Monday was superb fun. Ella drove BOB (she rarely gets the chance, although she loves doing so) whilst I drove the in-laws Subaru Forester XT as it's been sold to someone in Melbourne and needed delivering to Brisbane for shipping. We took the looooooong route down all the windy "country" roads. Driving the Subaru was great fun (even though it's an auto), it goes like rocketship. Our route included going through the beautiful Mary Valley (see photo), this areas in the news a lot at the moment because the State Government wish to dam the river to provide more water ... I can't see how it will make it rain any more though:

Triumph and 'Pony' in the Mary Valley

The latest plan is to get a new set of wheels ... probably something minilite style. The 28 year old alloys are a tad 'wobbly', and I'm sure that's what makes the steering wheel shake at any decent speed. They are notorious for this, and difficult to balance. 15 inch wheels will enable bigger contact with the road, too, which it's worth having as I've had some occasional 'traction issues'.

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