Monday, June 19, 2006

Leaky boot!

... but I don't think I need a cobbler.

It hardly ever rains in southern Queensland.
I don't really get to drive the Triumph that much.

So how come we have two solid downpours in the space of two months and I happen to be driving at the time?

1st time was on the way up to Bundaberg the other weekend. 2nd time was on the Mount Nebo Road (twisty roads!) yesterday.

The upside of the rain yesterday was that all the bikers (and most of the sunday drivers) stayed at home, and we had lots of road to ourselves - I love driving twisty roads in the rain, it's a buzz trying to maintain a good speed and traction. Gave the car a good lively thrashing.

The downside is that the boot filled up with water again. All the boards and spare wheel (which was nearly floating) came out when I got home, and took the bungs out to drain her and set about trying to trace a leak. It certainly wasn't the lights, nor the drain pipes ... in fact I couldn't find any sign of water coming downwards into the boot, and it seems like to much to be coming up through holes in the floor (not that I could find any). I tried pouring water all over the rear of the car, and just couldn't find any leaks at all - it all ran off just as it should!

Does this happen to anybody else's Saloon?
Anybody else out there got any ideas??????

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