Friday, July 07, 2006

Triumphs in Tassie!

I spent last week in the state of Tasmania (it's an island about the size of England off the south coast of Australia for those who don't know). I was already aware that there is a bit of a Triumph following - not that surprising I suppose given the large amount of 'Poms' (whinging or otherwise) that reside their - as I've visited the impressive Triumph Owners site frequently.

We weren't able to drive our Triumph to Tassie as it would be 2,500km drive before getting to the ferry (!) which is a bit excessive for a week-long trip. However, I was pleased to see plenty of Triumphs in our stay.
I saw two tatty white 2500 'Sedans' (ozzie term for Saloon), and then a smart looking "1970s yellow/brown" 2500, which sounded good, had gold coloured alloys and a Mk1 bonnet (unusual?!). I also saw a red saloon sitting rather forlornly under a tree somewhere in the sticks which clearly hadn't been driven for some time, and probably won't be again! The funniest sighting was of a very tidy white TR7 halfway up Mt Wellington in Hobart. I stopped on the way back down the mountain intending to take a photo but was a bit too embarassed when I saw the owners were there ... i'd have looked like a bit of a spod getting out of a crap-box ford hire car and taking picutres!

Here is a view of Hobart from the top of Mt Wellington, though:

Mt Wellington Panorama 29062006

The roads were great in Tassie though, you can see why the annual Targa Tasmania is so famous.

This week I've seen two more Triumph saloons in Brisbane - one that I overtook on the way to football training, and then another on my way to work ... I'm starting to think about buying a Trabant, they're far less common ;-)

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