Friday, September 08, 2006

Got myself connected ...

I got the relays all set up for the headlights (once I'd been to every auto-electrical retailer in Brisbane to get the right parts!)

An interesting and enjoyable project which taught me a bit about electrics (starting from virtually no knowledge it wasn't too difficult!). I would post some "before and after" photos, except there is no discernible difference between them... I guess the wiring was in good nick anyway.

I'm not too bothered though, as I now have the set-up ready to go if I want to put some extra driving lights or halogen headlamps on one day.

This weekend clutch master cylinder replacement ... I'm really looking forward to bleeding the clutch. Not! I've heard it's a pain, unless an ezibleed style set-up is used. I've only managed to find an air compressor driven version in Oz and it costs a packet, plus I don't have a compressor, so it's out with the tube, jar and magnet! Ho hum.

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