Thursday, September 07, 2006


The differential has finally begun to leak properly ... little patches of oil are appearing underneath the nose of the diff. It's fairly damp on either side too.
The question is do I buy the replacement seals for the pinion and sides for $50, put it back together and put up with the continuing squeal (cost $50) or do I go the full hog and get the diff. re-shimmed, resealed and put back in for $470 ?

Meanwhile I've found a leak on the clutch Master Cylinder! I'm not too impressed. We have receipts from the PO who had it reconditioned not that long ago. It wasn't done by an expert judging by the receipt so I'm going to get one on exchange from Greg Tunstall instead.

It's annoying. All this expenditure detracts from the chance to spend on fun things to the car!

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