Thursday, August 31, 2006

Decisions, decisions ...

It's raining outside ... pretty unusual in this neck of the woods, where State elections are won and lost on the basis of drought solutions (actually it's a fairly typical situation of there being no real opposition to the staus quo).

Still, rainy weather always promotes a planning frame of mind, so I'm thinking about what to do to BOB. This weekend I'm going to have a crack at the headlights and fit some relays. I'm going to avoid the DIY/Car stores and go straight to an auto-electrical specialists and get the very best parts for the job. In fact I'm even going to finally buy a soldering iron!!! Aren't I becoming a good boy! I'll leave the halogen conversion for the meanwhile, though and see what difference all the new connections make.

I want to do one 'luxury' fitment to the car in the next month or so, too, but can't decide:
15 inch wheels?
Modern car seats?
Datsun conversion to rear axle shafts ... well something should be happening on that front anyway.

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