Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Good News ... The Bad News

The Good:

When asked "what shall we do for the big Christmas holiday this year, then?" Ella responded
"Let's drive to Perth and back"

Well, it's not like I hadn't mentioned it before, but this is the first time Ella has actually suggested it herself. So we'll set aside 3 or 4 weeks and head off, doing lots of little visits to places on the way.

The distance looks to be 4,341 km going the 'quick' way according to my 'handy atlas'. So, that's about 9,000 km all up. We did 6,500km last Christmas, but that was in the Saab and this time we're taking the Triumph. It will be hot, but it will be an adventure no doubt and it will be fun.

Of course we're going to have to spend up on getting the car prepared now aren't we ... don't want it to have any 'issues' do we?

The Bad:

I play football for the gloriously-named Kangaroo Point Rovers in Brisbane. Well there should be a couple more seasons left in me yet. We're nearing the end of the season and I'm having a good run in the first team, then on Saturday I took a heavy challenge on my standing left foot, and the ankle ended up at 90 degrees to the normal. Amazingly it didn't break but I was carried off for the first time in 20 years of competitive sport. Now I'm on crutches and playing the invalid. There'll be no driving for me for a while, so I'm coaching Ella on the mountain roads.

Meanwhile, I'm investigating the possibility that good beer aids ankle injury recovery ...

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