Thursday, August 17, 2006

Beach Trips, Balancing and mixing with the Mitsi.

I've had a blast with the car over the last week or so. Ella and I went down to the famous Burleigh Heads for a swim at the weekend ... which prompted the following photo:

"Surfers discover Triumphs are cool, dude!"
Wow, Dude it's a Triumph!

I took the car to get another section of the exhaust replaced after the last place reckoned it was too tricky to make up a new section of downpipe and remove the broken stud from the exhaust manifold ... these guys managed to do it in less than an hour and charged $120 (50 quid). I had it made in mild steel for the meanwhile as decent extractors will make it surplus when I get them.

I also had the front wheels balanced, as it was getting a bit silly.

Here's a shot of the interior - it shows where I put the oil pressure gauge - very easy to see through the steering wheel:
Dash layout w/ oil gauge

Those changes have made a great difference, and the car feels great. I went out yesterday with a friend as it was a public holiday. We took a trip to Nimbin in New South Wales ... it's a very weird place full of wannabe hippies and felt quite sinister to be honest. Still the last 50km drive there from Murwillumbah was extremely good fun. For the last 15km we had a bit of a chase with a V6 Mitsubishi saloon. No doubt it was an auto, but we managed to keep right on its tail and it couldn't get away, especially in the bends (although it was clearly trying). Here's the road on multimap (the route went NNW through Blue Knob, and then NE to Byrrill), what a road!

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