Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Top of the Props

Yesterday was taken up almost entirely by a trip to the Prop Shop ... more commonly known as Universal Driveshaft Services Queensland. Trevor showed a fair amount of interest in the Datsun converted driveshafts I have and we spent a bit of time looking at those - he wanted to check them out. Then we took the propshaft off and he confirmed that the spline was buggered.

I asked for a quote for an uprated propshaft and a standard one, and he worked out the spec's for a shaft which would be 1.5 times the strength of the standard fit ... unfortunately with the house move looming I couldn't really justify it, so we went for the normal one. They made up a new shaft completely from new, and I watched from the 'viewing area' above. I can vouch that it is perfectly balanced, as I watched it being stripped of all paint and balanced on a 20 foot long 'Schenck' machine and could make out the dials they use to set these things up. Then it was repainted and put on the car.

I took the opportunity of having the car up on the hoist to get a good look around underneath. There are a few patches where the underseal and paint has chipped off but no rust, and a couple of very small rust patches up the front, but otherwise it looks pretty good.

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