Monday, October 30, 2006


I must be very ill or something. At the weekend I did something very out of character...

Not only did I clean (and dry) BOB, but I even did something I've never done to this car before.

I polished my car! I hang my head in shame, soon I'll become all Carruthersish and start testing out different polishes, buffing cloths, etc.

Anyway, this is what BOB looks like clean, and in the 'garage' below our place:


It's not all bad though, I did fit new front brake pads and a rear brake cylinder. It's made a blinding difference to the braking. The pads were changed because I thought they might have been contaminated with grease from the front bearings; the seals had gone (overtightened?). There was a bit of grease knocking around on the inside pads and disc which I cleaned out with "Metho" but it wasn't too bad really.

I've just been out to the Port to pick up a box of my gear that was shipped over from the UK. It's going to be nice to have some decent tools again. Mind-blowing luxuries like ratchets that work every time in both directions (swoon), and ring spanners (applause), and crimpers (not for my hair but so I don't have to continue to strip wires and crimp connections with my teeth).

Next BOB job will be the propshaft, UJ is FUBAR and it'll probably need a balance.

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