Thursday, October 12, 2006

Shafting and shining my box!

No, Jason, you're not on one of those sites!

I got a fair amount done last weekend.

  • Fitted up the alternator, rewired the relays through a separate fuse box in the engine bay
  • Added a pair of 100w halogen spotlights kindly donated by Jacques, taken from an old Nissan Prado
  • Stripped the remaining useful parts (including the tank) out of the TC and sent the shell back to the breakers

Getting tank out 2

  • Took the autobox to the carwash and put it on the engine degreasing setting, good results for $3 and it can go on ebay

dirty abox

Clean abox2

  • Sourced and looked over Datsun driveshaft ... here's one, modelled by a fascinated Fred the dog, next to a Triumph set-up for comparison.

Shafts & Fred

This week I've ordered and purchased 5 special "Tri-Dat" UJs from Greg Tunstall at $93.50 each (4 for the shafts, and one as a spare/pattern). Basically this is a UJ that fits between a Triumph and a Datsun yoke. As you can see from the photo, the Datsun ends have the c-clips in a groove at the base of the bearing section, whereas the Triumph ends have the clips that fit at the top.

TriDat UJ

Jacques and I figured out how these are made, if I ever need to get any made up. Now I need to get them fitted. I don't have a vice, bench or space to put a bench in Brisbane, so I need to either take them to a garage and ask them to put the Triumph and Datsun bits together, or drive all the way back up to Bundaberg and do it there! It's a bit annoying really as it's not exactly rocket science. Looking forward to getting them on, though.

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I like a shiny box :-)