Tuesday, October 17, 2006


As I walked to work this morning (it was 21 Celsius at 7am by the way ;-), I saw a white Triumph Stag. So I've seen two Stags in three days. We saw one up the mountain roads on Sunday. Following up on the a thread on the CT forum I read recently, what was so unusual about the one I saw on Sunday was that its driver waved to me! Gadzooks!

Spent a fair bit of Saturday smashing UJs on Datsun shafts with a hammer, and not quite getting them out. I bought a vice to help, but don't have anything to attach it to, plus I left my cheapo socket set in Bundaberg the other week, so I've failed to fit the Datsun shafts. Plan B - Universal Driveshaft Services ... seeing as no local garages were prepared to help. A weird thing I've noticed is that garages aren't open on Saturdays in Queensland? Hmph.

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