Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Racing" fuel and pastures new!

On the way back from Bundaberg the other week I decided to fill up with some ethanol blended fuel. I've heard various opinions as to whether it kills old cars or not (perishing rubber, fuel tank issues, etc). Quite why I chose to try it on the way to the airport (250km away) to catch a flight for a job interview in Tasmania however, I'll never know. The good news is that it didn't seem to do any damage, ran just as economically, and was plenty sprightly enough.

Only once I was home did I think E95 ... that could have been 95% ethanol, but I guess it was just 5%, or 95 Octane???

I then found out that Australian regulations make it illegal to sell 5 or 10% ethanol blended fuel at higher prices than ordinary fuel with equal octane levels. So when I went to fill up at Shell the other day I noticed that they no longer have 'Optimax' but 'V-Power' and 'V-Power Racing' ! According to the label the racing fuel is 100 Octane but 5% ethanol, but the price is 20 cents more than the normal fuel. I didn't notice any racing cars at the pump, strangely enough.

Anyway, pastures new beckon. I got the job in Tasmania, so it's all speed ahead to a move to Hobart in the next month. As a consequence we're going to have to put the big trip to Perth on hold ... although I do get the chance to drive to Hobart which is 1,900 km with an overnight ferry trip in the middle. It's no RBRR but should be fun enough in the Triumph.

Now I wonder if I should risk using ethanol fuel on the trip or not?

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