Thursday, June 21, 2007

Update time!

It really is three months since I've "blogged". Of course, you noticed that?

"I would have written a shorter blog, but I didn't have the time" Graham Bernard Shaw

Last time I posted I mentioned the humming noise that didn't go away when the diff. was changed ... well the good news is that the change of hub bearing sorted it out, and the car is a much quieter, nicer place to be. Since then there haven't been any major happenings. BOB's been behaving well on its duties, getting us to the shops, etc, but also out and about on a few trips ... although they were a while back now.

We went to Bruny Island (southern Tassie) where almost all of the roads are unsealed! That was fun enough. Then over the Easter weekend we drove out to see some of the hydro-electric schemes and the lakes that supply them, and then on to the Wild West Coast. It was a beautiful weekend, bright blue skies, etc, and driving into the campsite on the first night on a long section of twisting dirt roads in the dark was the first chance I've had to use the spotlights really usefully ... well, they work, and we saw lots of little hopping animals heading away from their beam just in time!

Here's me and the car in front of Lake Pedder (just before the sky got blue!)
Lake Pedder - Easter Weekend

The drive out to the West Coast was excellent, there's some impressive roads to say the least, and in parts the speed limit is ... let's say a challenge rather than a limit ;-) There are 99 sharp bends in the road on the final section of road on the way into Queenstown, apparently, no wonder they use this section in Targa Tasmania!

The weather was so good we could even see Frenchman's Cap, where we walked at Christmas, but hardly saw because of the cloud:
Frenchman's Cap from the Highway

And one of the hydro schemes for those who care!
Hydro System - Tarraleah

In April I got to see some of the Targa Tasmania. It isn't the most spectator friendly event, by any means, and they've scrapped the old saturday morning stage in Hobart because in 2006 a spectator was killed by a flying BMW Mini. A friend and I headed up an hour north of Hobart and sat in a field watching cars tear past us for a morning, including a Mk2 2.5Pi, a TR3 and a TR8. Good fun it was, too. I'd love to compete in this one day, apparently it's the world's longest tarmac rally - five days of amazing roads ... but I suppose I get to travel these for work and pleasure anyway.

Now I'm finally getting around to sorting some new front seats out for BOB ... currently looking at some black suede RX-7 seats, but who knows what we'll end up with?

Also, I'm getting reports from Ella of misfiring over 3,000 rpm ... great. Currently I suspect either fouling of the plugs, especially as I still have some plugs in that were recommended for Queensland weather, and it's hovering around the 5 degree point here in Tassie at the moment, or it could be time to try and re-route the cooling/heating system through the manifold where it's been bypassed (probably because it rusted out).

The good news is that we're moving to a place with a garage! The cars been getting drenched, scorched and even frozen in the last 3 months, so a garage will be good, and a flat surface even better.

Back again soon-ish?

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