Thursday, July 19, 2007

End of an era

After eight months in Hobart living on the side of a hill with no garage and precious little flat areas anywhere near our house, we're upping sticks this weekend ... to a place with a garage. It even has an electronically operated door - wow! It's been a real pain not being able to even jack the car up, or do anything on it after dark (4.45pm at the moment) so now I can get on with some tinkering and check out oil levels, etc.


vitessesteve said...

Its great having a new garage. Check that it is secure. It is possible to force electric roller doors open especially if there is a gap under the door when it closes. I speak from experience having had mine broken in to a couple of times.

Graham Reeks said...

Cheers Steve - seen your garage break in problems on your blog. Hopefully we'll be ok. It's pretty safe in this part of the world though(touch wood!)