Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blistering bonnets!

BOB has been so reliable it seems inevitable that sooner or later my luck had to run out. I've only had one temporary breakdown (a split cooling system hose) in 32,000km of driving, and then it was a five minute fix, top-up and drive on.

I've been occassionally having to bleed the clutch for the last few months, especially since changing a leaky slave cylinder. I'm guessing that changing the 1 inch for 7/8s has altered the dynamics of the hydraulic system because the clutch gets progressively spongy until the biting point is on the floor. I recently removed the crank-driven fan to just use the thermo. one and the superb radiator on their own instead. No problems where the engine temp. is concerned, but I wonder if it added to my problems this last weekend?

Having bled the clutch on Friday night and swopped the rear springs over on saturday morning (that's another story - one seems to be a little bent!) I was out doing some shopping. When I pulled out of a parking space the clutch pedal hit the floor and the car stalled. Bugger! The hydraulic hose had popped off the master cylinder and sprayed fluid all over the engine bay! So home it was with rev-matching to shower the underside of the bonnet before the paint got damaged. A couple of hours of fruitless bleeding later I removed the slave cylinder to get it above the height of the master ... and hey presto!

Next day we had a nice trip out - 100 miles or so - to the beach, giving it lots of beans, overtakes, etc, no problem. Got home then decided to wash the car. Pop goes the hose again! Double Bugger. A bit quicker job this time though, with the slave removed straight away. I presume that the heat had built up under the bonnet whilst parked up in the garage???

Monday was a bank holiday, so I took her out again and gave BOB a major ragging up the mountains ... no problems with the clutch - phew.

But ... the overdrive has stopped operating! It had been slipping out from time to time, especially on bumpy roads or overrun - but the solenoid sounded like it was engaging. Now the solenoid doesn't click. Time to learn a little about J-type overdrives I guess.

I wonder - does BOB know that I've been looking at this MK1 PI do you think?

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