Saturday, August 02, 2008

Big flat and dry

... that's South Australia apparently.

Actually there turned out to be a lot more to it.

We had terrible problems with the car, innumerable breakdowns and ended up sleeping in the car in the desert out of mobile range for a week waiting for someone to come by who could help us.

No, not really. We had a great time, BOB behaved immaculately, embarrassed lots of moderns and returned a reasonable 28mpg most of the time, despite being full to the gunwales.
South Australia Jun/Jul 08
We dropped in on Nick (G-Man on the CT forum) in Adelaide for a night, drank his beer, talked Triumphs and drank more of his beer. Nick's Saloon was having Pi surgery the day we visited and his Mk2 GT6 was hitched up for a bit of rear end attention as you can see.
South Australia Jun/Jul 08
He started it up for me anyway - sounded fantastic. This car features the coolest James Bond kill switch I've ever heard of... but I'll keep it secret I think.

BOB is now pulling like a train which is handy for overtaking road trains, actually:
South Australia Jun/Jul 08

Not all of our trip involved driving in BOB, though. We met up with the in-laws for a week, and ventured north into the dirt roads of the desert in their well-kitted out Navarra. Jacques let me have a few drives... good fun on some of the gnarlier roads.
South Australia Jun/Jul 08

A useful car to have when you've got road signs like this:

South Australia Jun/Jul 08

We did get off-road a bit in BOB when we were on our own, though... there were just a couple of bottom-scrapes, and some big mud splashes! I can think of a few Triumph owners who'd be devestated to see an engine bay looking like this.
South Australia Jun/Jul 08
That's it for now ... I'll put a bit more in to The Editor and see if it crops up in Club Torque at some point down the track.

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