Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh, those crazy Aussies!

I used to think that the Aussie sense of humour was 'drizabone', and that this meant I was surrounding by sublime intentional wordplay and ironic references. But after a while I realised it's not an automatic cultural inheritance. There are those who get the jokes and those who are the jokes.

An embodiment of this is the road signs. There are some good intentional pisstakes, like this one from the south west coast of Victoria, spotted a couple of years ago:

Dirty Golfers!

Then there are the ones that I'd love to think are intentional, but somehow reckon just weren't really thought out...

Like this one in Landsborough, Queensland:

Australian Viagra

Or this in South Australia:

South Australia Jun/Jul 08

A common tactic is to use road signs to get you to stop and buy a coffee in out of the way towns ... but sometimes they employ some wit to get you to pull over (not sure what's so wrong with Galahs by the way):

South Australia Jun/Jul 08

South Australia Jun/Jul 08

They can get be a bit stern about it, too:

It's a long way to Innamincka, it's a long way to go ...

They can't think up their own names, though - lots of settlements are named after places in The Old Country.

South Australia Jun/Jul 08

They're all budding Cub Scouts, really - Be Prepared and all that (sorry for reposting this one):

South Australia Jun/Jul 08

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