Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bum Steer

Basically the passenger side rear tyre wears out quicker than it should, the car sits a bit wonky to that side, the springs bend in that direction, and there's a wicked oversteer in hard right hand corners which just lets go on dirt roads (Dave Sideways would pee his pants) ... there's only one thing left to change at the backend, or maybe two.

  • New springs front and back - check

  • Good dampers all round - check

  • Polybushed rear end - check

  • New driveshafts (Tri-Dats) - check

  • Diff. mounting checked - check

So, I pulled my old sub-frame mounts off for a look-see and they're not perfect, and one is definitely worse than the other.

Old Bush 1

Old bush 2

The reconditioned ones are considerably better looking!

New bush

Bushes 001

Before I put them on I had to get the tape measure out, take a deep breath, cross my fingers, pray to the East (or North North West?) and hope that I'd not been driving around in a twisted orange monster for the last few years. The measurements said it was ok ... but I'm not convinced by the accuracy, so I chucked the new ones on, went for a quick test-drive (including sliding around a roundabout in 1st gear a few times). A few more drives to settle things down and I'll take another deep breath and some more measurements. Fingers crossed.

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